About Us


PNEUMA is committed to yield to the wind of the Holy Spirit blowing through our midst, the very breath of God. We humble ourselves in His presence allowing Him to change us into the image of Christ. We know that we were created to praise God and give Him glory in all that we do. We endeavor to love all those who are hurting, to bind up the brokenhearted, and to teach the good news to those that know not, to set the captives free, and preach the uncompromised gospel of Jesus Christ.


We Envision PNEUMA as a global leader in evangelism through education, outreach, prayer, and revival.

We Envision PNEUMA as the builder of communities nationally and internationally where the lost and new converts can become deeply rooted in the word and will of God.

We Envision PNEUMA as a training ground for those who will obey the call of God on their lives to teach, preach, pastor, prophecy and evangelize.

We Envision PNEUMA prosperous to carry out the will of God.

We Envision PNEUMA as an army of young and old dedicated to winning souls for the most Holy God.

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