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King's Heirs Children Church

Here at Pneuma we count it an honor and great responsibility to help parents teach their child how to build a relationship with God and why it is important for life. Using the arts and education we engage children in the stories and life lesson of the bible.

Ambassadors of Love

Pneuma's evangelism ministry is made up of a group of believers who have committed their lives to sharing the relentless love, compassion, grace, and redemptive power of Jesus Christ. Our hearts desire is to reach past the four walls of the church, into the deepest and darkest situations, and be a beacon of light for all.


The MANifestation Young Men’s Ministry’s goal is to empower young men, and equip them to assume leadership roles in our communities and churches. We are positioned to raise up a generation of young Men of God who will stand for righteousness, holiness, and truth.


Our Young Women's Ministry goes beyond the four walls of the church and reaches the young women of Harlem. This ministry is geared toward meeting young women right where they are, whether they reside in shelters, broken homes, or are even struggling to raise their children as single mothers.

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